Keeley Hazell schoolgirl fetish

Now, just because Keeley Hazell poses topless occasionally (Ok, a LOT), that doesn’t mean she’s not super sexy when dressed as a schoolgirl. Sexy Japanese schoolgirls watch and learn how you show off a pair of big breasts.

keeley hazell schoolgirl fetish

Megan Fox in leather

With all the Megan Fox craze going on, it’s up to me to sort out the chaff. Well, feast your eyes on Megan Fox in leather… and if you like what you see, don’t miss Megan’s butt in the hot bike scene from Transformers 2.

megan fox leather

Megan Fox with glasses

Now, an ordinary person with glasses (hell, I’m one of ‘em) is no big deal. Megan Fox with glasses is my favorite secretary or bookworm fantasy come to life!

megan fox glasses

Evan Rachel Wood corset

Corsets get a lot of nods… in magazines at least. GQ’s latest photo shoot (May) shows Evan Rachel Wood in new light, although her ex-boyfriend (Merilyn Manson) has probably seen her like that many times!

evan rachel wood corset

Megan Fox corset

Megan Fox looks amazing in a corset! Check out her amazingly thin waist.

megan fox corset

Update: Don’t miss Megan Fox topless!

Megan Fox in leather

Megan Fox is super hot in leather on set of Transformers 2.

Watch the clip to see her being protected from the Sun – I guess it gets pretty hot in this black leather jumpsuit!

Mena Suvari leather

I’ve always thought Mena Suvari looks best when she’s naked. Call me an American Beauty fan…

Yet, when you combine
her rockstar hairstyle with some leather pants… she rocks!

Jessica Biel catsuit

Jessica Biel looks amazing in this catsuit! I almost envy the guy who’s 10 inches from her backside!

Jessica Biel catsuit

Update: Jessica Biel see-through breasts – a must-see!

Katy Perry covered with cream

Katy Perry is singing her heart out and … jumping into a cake. This is the Benny Hill remix where she keeps falling to the tune of Benny Hill (duh).

Just in: Katy Perry nipple slip and upskirt!

Shania Twain latex

These are 10-year old photos of Shania Twain in latex. You won’t be seeing her in that kind of fetish gear any time soon again.

Update: Check out Shania Twain’s nipples!

Thandie Newton fetish

Kinky Thandie Newton has a sexy body and when she wraps in latex, she looks like a present that I’d like to tear open.

There’s one thing that this latex dress hides and this is Thandie Newton’s puffy nipples!

Megan Fox in boots

Megan Fox is posing in high boots on some TV show. Check out Megan Fox topless

Update: Megan Fox has been caught topless swimming in a lake.

Britney Spears in leather

This is from Britney‘s hay day – I think it’s from her Toxic video. She looks good in leather. Too bad she “moved on” to white trash clothing.

Update: Check out Britney Spear’s pubes!

Angelina Jolie in PVC

Angelina Jolie appears in the shoot in a sexy PVC dress … the pantyhose is pretty sexy too.

Update: Check out Angelina Jolie topless – her big breasts have fun outside!

Check out Angelina Jolie topless!

Kate Winslet in leather

Kate Winslet in leather dress at the red carpet.

Cameron Diaz in latex

Cameron Diaz finally got into a tight, latex dress – her body deserves it. That’s almost as sexy as Cameron DIaz see-through top.

Update: Check out Cameron Diaz nipple slip video.

Gillian Anderson in pantyhose

Gillian Anderson is very sexy in pantyhose. Too bad I’m not such a big fan of hers.

Christina Aguilera in latex

Christina Aguilera in latex posing as a sexy maid. If you would like to see Christina Aguilera as a sexy nurse just scroll down.

Michelle Trachtenberg in leather

Michelle Trachtenberg is in leather for this photoshoot. I must say a leather miniskirt is always a good idea!

Bonus: See Michelle Trachtenberg nipple slip!

Rachel Weisz in latex

Rachel Weisz is amazing … even more so when she’s in a latex catsuit.

Update: Check out Rachel Weisz pubes!